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The extremes to which unstable sociopaths will go to protect the facade they’ve created. No one is safe when the unhinged link up with those who are supposed to protect and serve all. But, they’re all just part of the same cult that boasts a bright past and even brighter future. It simply doesn’t include everyone, and they don’t want you to know about it. One of the nation’s highest opioid death locations has more than one mental health crisis on their plate. And they’re avoiding it like the plague to protect the incestuous connections between church and state.
What happens when someone files false police reports with friends who are cops?

Can someone actually build a false narrative about you with the help of law enforcement? You could wind up the target of a sick system manipulated by an even sicker mind. If you’re not familiar with the concept of first in the door, you’d do well to know what an insane neighbor can do to you and your reputation, left unchecked.

Danny Boy isn’t the only murdering French.

More to come on lying liars who lie, and other criminals named French. Some French’s murder the truth, trust and peace in a neighborhood all in the name of propping up their facade.


How Do You Handle Lying, Manipulating Bullies who go out of their way to cause you harm?

Just like the False Police Reports and 9th Commandment angles, more fun, fact filled info is in the oven. So, STAY TUNED!